Fiber Optic Cabling Dubai


Fibre Optic as your backbone will increase bandwidth availability to meet the demand for voice and data infrastructures. It is a fast and secure way to connect floors, offices, and even buildings together. our expertise in this specialized environment has long been recognized by major fiber optic cable manufacturers.

In our unique business model, we provide a wide variety of both technical services and custom manufactured products to meet your needs. Our technical services include fiber optic network design, field installation services indoor & outdoor, sub-contracting support.

Our product offering includes custom fiber assemblies for any application. Our staff has years of combined experience in technical design, installation, manufacturing and consulting on state-ofthe- art optical systems so it’s easy to see that our passion is fiber optics and why Misurata should be your solutions partner for the next generation. We now invite you to discover more about how we can serve you.

Customers can benefit from Fiber Optic Services’ vast experience by calling upon our consulting services during initial planning stages. Our full service menu includes design engineering, budgeting, inspections, acceptance testing documentation & certification.

OM4 Fiber Optic Cabling Family, Including New 40Gb/s And 100Gb/s-Ready MTP™ Assemblies

Fiber optic cabling dubai


Fiber optic cabling dubai

High-speed optical fiber product family now includes OM4 MTP Plug and Play assemblies, fiber cable, pre-terminated trunk cable assemblies and fiber jumpers.

Corning announced the addition of multiple OM4 fiber optic products to its comprehensive line of high-performance fiber optic cabling solutions. Corning new OM4 Plug and Play fiber cable assemblies, pre-terminated duplex trunking cables and traditional field-terminated cable and connectivity provide an extended distance multimode option for 10Gb/s as well future-proof migration options for 40Gb/s and 100Gb/s application speeds.

Over the past few years, OM4 product set and experience by developing and deploying Corning OM4 systems globally on a customer-specific basis, with the strength of current OM4 offering, along with a clearer global OM4 standards picture from ISO and TIA, we knew the time was right to offer the Corning OM4 solution set on a widespread basis.

Corning enhanced OM4 Plug and Play system's modules and adapters are supported by a wide array of factory-terminated cable assemblies that combine Corning reduced-diameter RazorCore cable with 12-fiber MTP connectors. These 40/100Gb/s-ready MTP-to-MTP cable assemblies can be ordered in custom lengths and are designed to be quickly pulled and connected to Plug and Play modules or MTP adapter plates. Available in 12 to 144 fiber counts in increments of 12 fibers, these assemblies are user-configurable to precise application requirements.

Corning factory terminated MTP-to-LC and LC-to-LC or SC-to-SC fiber trunking cable assemblies are also available in OM4 configurations. 10Gb/s MTP-to-LC assemblies allow multi-fiber MTP connectors to integrate with LC or SC interfaces in current network equipment while the LC-to-LC and SC-to-SC trunks provide high-performance 10Gb/s fiber links without the complexity and performance variability of field terminations.

These turnkey OM4 solutions allow high performance data center links to be deployed 75% faster than traditional field terminations. Beyond installation speed, Corning plug and play and preterminated trunking products provide a "greener" approach, eliminating the waste associated with additional connectors, termination kits and other consumables.

Corning core OM4 fiber line also includes 10Gb/s indoor tight buffer distribution cable, indoor interlocking armor tight buffer cable, indoor-outdoor tight buffer and loose tube cable available with OFNR, OFNP and LS0H jacket types.